1987 Annual Rehearsal
Steve and Ellen’s Place
February 8, 1987

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[64] Laila and Hawkeye check the lyrics.

[65] ?? and ??

[66] Ptah is quite mellow.

[67]  ??

[68] Joan Dake is enjoying her favorite band!

[69] We take a break for some well-deserved nourishment!

[70] Carpy, Joey, David, and Arf do a few quartet numbers.

[71] George thinks he is in heaven.

[72] Frank and Arf take it easy.

[73] Hawkeye never fails to see the humor in any situattion.

[75] Ed Rush reflects on the accomplishments of the day.

[76] Ann Mayo cherishes her association with the band.

[77] ?? and ??

[78] We can only speculate what may have precipitated this reaction!

[79] Here’s Joey, after a bowl of chilli.

[80] Joey is thinking about what the band will be like 20 years from now!

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