1987 Annual Rehearsal
Steve and Ellen’s Place
February 8, 1987

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[30] We finally did get underway, after a few false starts, trying to learn “Sweet Georgia Brown.”

[31] Hawkeye chokes when we can’t seem to get the intro right.

[32] Back outside for a little air and the improved acoustics, we loosen up a little.
John Hayden Gourley loves the band!.

[33] Doris (friend of Boris) does a nice job on the tambourine.

[34] Ptah warms up on his wooden flute.

[35] Now we pick up our stride as Tom, Florence, and Ptah join in.

[36] ?? and ?? join Anne Mayo join the music-making.

[37] Jan Holliday and Matt are shown here in the front line.

[38] Hugh thinks we have it just about right.

[39] Patty assures her son that everything’s going to be all right!

[40] Cherry Lyon strums her autoharp.

[41] Anne, Florence, Pah, Ed, and Roger make sweet music!

[42] George and ?? are comfortably seated for the performance.

[43] Katie Cole keeps the beat with her tambourine!

[44] Jan keeps busy!

[45] David and Roger Holliday do a nice job on the low-end horns.

[46] Henrik, Jan, and Katie are sounding good!

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