1987 Annual Rehearsal
Steve and Ellen’s Place
February 8, 1987

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[47] Patty joins in on the vocal.

[48] Henrik and Jan are hitting their stride!

[49] Here’s the drum head we had for several years.

[50] Joey, Hugh, and Janet Roller join in on the vocal.

[51] Carpy does well under the intense pressure of the occasion.

[52] Juggling is fun, but cornet-playing is nice, too!

|[53] Laila enjoys the serenity of the band.

[54] Our hosts for the day, Ellen and Steve, lead the percussion section.

[55] Henrik adds the final touch of the piccolo to our unique sound.

[56] Cheryl enjoys the tight dicipline of the band!

[57] Henrik in fine form.

[58] Arf is quite pleased with our overall performance, after a problematic waarmup!

[59] You probably thought that was a clothesline, rather than a music stand, didn’t you?

[60] Jack Haderle slides into Tipperary

[61] This is what Norm Proffitt looks like without his white helmet!

[62] Ed Rush and Roger Hansen contribute to the band’s unique sound.

[63] Tom Smith memorizes the words to the tunes.

P.S. Old-timers in the band remember the fine banquet we had after Tom passed on.
He left a substantial bequest to the LTWCMB specifically for that purpose.

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