Independence Day Parade
July 4, 2005
Redwood City

Part 4 of 4

Many thanks to Mark Wade for sending in the following photos!

Delphia, Bill, and Suzie are all smiles.

Jim Smith joins the trio for a nice holiday shot.

Jan and Leif discuss horns and pipes.

Hans keeps the cups filled (including his own!)

Ptah shows off his flute to Helen, as Carpy waits his turn.

Leif is looking good in his patriotic pipes.

Bill and Gail proudly present the banner.

Dave and David in a Sousaphone duet.

Brianna promotes the band on her bike!

Twirling is one of Ronni’s many talents!

Lois and Jan discuss their dancing routines.

What a group!

Ptah never thought his wooden flute would be a liability.

Joey, Cody, and Mo are having a good time.

Brianna proudly wears her band button!

A great front line ...

... and a great rear guard, too!

Chico is looking good!

Debi and Keltie step off in grand style.

Patti is in fine form or the occasion.

Lois plays to the reviewing stand.

No break for these two, even when nature calls.

Many thanks to Doug Anderson for sending in the following photo,
proving that he was there and was having a good time!

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