Independence Day Parade
July 4, 2005
Redwood City

Part 2 of 4

Many thanks to Kathleen Card for
sending in the photos for Parts 1 through 3!

All together, now!

Ellen checks the sticks for proper balance.

That American Legion snare drum is real nice!

Cindy and "Sunnyland Ken" are tuned up for the occasion!

An amourous moment.

Paul takes his banner duty seriously!

Lois is in great dancing form for the holiday!

Hans, Donna, and Renate await the whistle of our fearless Drum Major!

Joey is back for the big event, and looks like he is enjoying himself!

Smiley sets the tempo for our vast 80-person organization!

This is what Barry looks like before his first beer.

What an impressive ensemble of talent!

Kona Cody is out front with his skateboard, to announce the best band in town!

Ptah is is in fine form, as he rips off a tune on his wooden flute!


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