Independence Day Parade
July 4, 2005
Redwood City

Part 3 of 4

Many thanks to Kathleen Card for sending
in the photos for Parts 1 through 3!


We had the very good fortune to be located just in front of these Brazilian carnival dancers.
They provided a bit of inspiration to every counter-march!

Just like the hula, keep your eyes on the hands.

Beer consumption was up this year, plus it was more crowded back by the beer cart.

Let's see. Is there any beer left?

Band leadership for the day was in the hands of Rich Erhardt, our intrepid Drum Major!
Debi is trying to decode the last command, however.

Lois kept her fine form throughout the parade route.

Rich did his best to keep us all in line!

The snare section was truly impressive.

Out front, Princess Brianna was the picture of patriotism!

Occasionally, our rows and columns would blend together.

Again, the drum section was truly awesome!

Our star twirlers, Ronni and Patti, added a lot of class to our act!

Carpy is looking good, and has now gone back to his trumpet after Gail's juggling lesson.

Joey doesn't spill a drop!

Mark and Carmen carry on some sax talk.

Those shoes are really nice.

All good things must come to an end, but the band lives on forever!


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