Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade
May 19, 2002

Here are some photos contributed by Mark Wade,
Ace Photogtapher!

The sign says it all!

For an occasion as important as this one,
Drum General Arf rallies the troops before the parade.

George tunes up for the occasion.

Jack shows Ronni how to find the lost chord.

Harv and Patti are ready to go!

Judi shows off her nice pair of artichokes!

Keltie loosens up before the big event.

Joan and Matt are looking good!

Chris is in fine form today.

Ptah performs his calisthenics before greeting the crowds.

And here we go! See our patented precision routine!
Check those rows and columns!

Consultation between our Banner Carrier and Drum General
are an important part of precision marching.

Judi leads the way!

The crowds are ecstatic!

Everyone is having a good time!

The rear guard is smiling, because they are closest to the beer cart!

Jim, Carmen, Rich, Ptah, and Marilyn are looking good!

Leonard can't believe his good fortune to have joined the Band!

After the parade, we play a few tunes and finish off the keg. Notice
a few defectors from the Watsonville Municipal Band joining in the merriment.

The augmented band was a delight to behold.

Bill and Florence gave the Watsonville drummers a run for their money!

Barry goes for the last beer.

Ptah was in good form to the end.

Joey and Arf relax after the parade, and get ready to eat some artichokes.

Leonard and Claire reflect on their first performance with the Band.

Let's hear it, boys!

It's amazing what a couple of beers can do!

Here we see the happy engaged couple receiving the good wishes
of their fellow bandspersons at Mike's Baseball Bar

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