Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade
May 19, 2002

Here are some photos contributed by Judi Basolo,
our beloved Banner Carrier!

Here is Judi, taking a break from her Banner Girl duties to play a cymbal solo!

Ptah shows the proper technique for consuming the local speciclass="photo" alty.

Arf appreciates the reverence shown by all band members.

Ronni and Smiley enjoy some pre-parade refreshment.

Bill proudly displays his Pet Parade ribbon from Los Altos.

Two "Jims" pose for the camera.

Keltie is ready for the stiff competition of the Castroville Parade.

Washboard Kitty tunes her instrument for maximum effect.

Proper installation of our entry number on the right arm
is required in accordance with the parade regulations.

Our new recruits, Claire and Leonard, enjoy their second parade with the Band.

Jim is the model of good taste.

What can one say?

Carmen borrows Patti's baton in an effort to clear her plumbing.

Jim displays his ambidextrous talents.

Judi and Arf collaborate on Band formation strategy.

Ptah takes a break from his wooden flute to join in on the vocal.

Barry, Judi, and Jim contemplate the intrinsic beauty of artichokies.

The newly-engaged couple, Barbara and Arf, receive the good wishes
of their fellow band members in the courtyard of Mike's Baseball Bar.


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