The Colossal Fiftieth Anniversary Party!
Eagles Hall, Redwood City
January 2, 2010


We had a great time at our Colossal Fiftieth Anniversary Party!

This group of photos was contributed by Allan.

1. Mistresses Cyndi, Kitty, and Carmen are hard at work on the party decorations.

2. The place is looking real nice for the party about to begin.

3. Barry and Rich are in charge of the drinks.

4. Here is the hall, seen from the street.

5. We’ve got a lot to do in the next two hours!

6. Allan helped with blowing up the balloons.

7. Carmen made three terrific carrot cakes, set off by the Champagne-balloon bottles.

8. Harvey made the special labels.

9. Over in the “artifacts” section of the hall, the blue “Farmer’s Union Hardware” smocks
were one of the earliest “uniforms” the band members wore.
Co-founding member Bill Carroll worked there in his day job.

On the right, after he was discharged, Smiley’s army uniform (issued in 1958)
was converted for use in the band by adding certain embellishments.

10. The party mistresses commanded the kitchen operations.

11. Here’s Allan, showing off his balloon handiwork with a Champagne bottle.

12. The place is starting to look real nice!

13. Carmen’s carrot cakes are to die for!

14. We’ve got the deserts covered!

15. Ptah projected movies of past events during the evening.

16. The pass-through window to the kitchen was real handy.

17. The party will begin soon, and we are almost ready!

18. Allan wears his constable hat, ready to confront any potential party-crashers.

19. Something has obviously caught Kitty and Carmen’s eye.

20. Here are some early awards and mementos from the early days of the band.

21. And lots of trophies, too!

22. Bruce and Chuck finish hanging the giant screen for the slide show.

23. Patti seems pleased with the progress so far.

24. Leonard, Claire and Kitty look forward to a wonderful evening!

25. Meanwhile, our party mistresses toil away in the kitchen, preparing the feast.

26. Ronni slices the ham, while Cindy samples the beer.

27. Doug was in charge of the ticket badges.

28. Cyndi helped with the hors d’oeuvres and kept Rich under control.

29. Leonard, Hans and Betsy are ready to make some music!

30. Chris and Bill pick a couple of nice spots at the table.

31. Rayda and Claire can’t remember a nicer party than this one!

32. Nancy and Jo-Ellen think 2010 is off to a wonderful start!

33. Norma is new to the band, but she is havering a good time!

34. Miss Molly and Diantha love the fine music of the LTWCMB.

35. Art and David like the beer choices, and David is wearing his new tee shirt, bought moments before.

36. Vicky and Farris discuss their favorite band tunes, while Ronni slices the turkey.

37. A taste of the grape, of course, makes light work in the kitchen.

38. Florence is with her favorite kind of people tonight!

39. Dave peddles his shirts to all comers.

40. Jake believes everything Jack says!

41. Jo-Ellen likes Patti’s meatballs.

42. Margaret is having a great time!

43. Ella joins in on harmonica!

44. The music gets underway with Doug on snare and Smiley on bass.

45. The sound is very live in the hall.

46. Jack and Chico give it their best!

47. Everyone joins in!

48. Leonard and Keltie hold up the sax section.




52. Chico ventures into the kitchen, and is told that it won’t be long now.

53. Fay gives us a wonderful twirling performance to the tune, “Roxy.”

54. Nice moves!

55. Jim delivered a short speech, recalling fifty years of continuous marching for the band.

56. Smiley also cited the improbable longevity we have achieved!

57. He is also wearing his new shirt.

58. Mike read a couple of Irish toasts, one of which called for a “lake of beer,” which resonated well with the band.

59. Stew reflected on the history of the band.

60. Dave talked about the early days of the band and offered to sell us a shirt.

61. Harvey hoped the band would continue indefinitely, citing the need to induct new members.

62. Loren told how he was only sixteen when he joined the band,
remembering how “old” Harvey and Smiley were.

63. “My name is Jim, and I am an alcoholic,”
was the way Jim told of his joining the band a couple of years ago.

64. Joey thought the people in the room were the warmest, closest friends anyone could hope for!

65. Carmen wrapped it up by thanking everyone for making the party a great success!

66. Allan plays the tambourine for the last number.

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