The Colossal Fiftieth Anniversary Party!
Eagles Hall, Redwood City
January 2, 2010


We had a great time at our Colossal Fiftieth Anniversary Party!

This group of photos was contributed by Barry.

1. Harvey is on site early to set up the sound system and prepare for the slide show.

2. The tables were set up on Friday afternoon by some elves under the direction of our party mistresses.

3. The place is starting to look real nice!

4. Ptah is setting up his video system in the opposite corner from the slide show.

5. The quiet scene outside the hall belies the merriment to come.

6. Patti and Rogene help in the preparations.

7. Bruce scaled the far wall to rig the giant projection screen.

8. Jim and Doug sample the suds for quality control.

9. Allan and Kitty are on hand to help in the preparations.

10. Chris and Bill can’t wait for the party to start!

11. Folks begin to arrive, and Ptah shows off his white ruffled shirt.

12. Leonard, George and Claire have been waiting 50 years for tonight.

13. We get to see folks out of uniform tonight!

14. Jack, Smiley and Veek sample the beverages.

15. Cindy entertains her friend Charles, from Berlin.

16. Harvey and Smiley contemplate the 50-year journey to the present.

17. Chuck and Sue love the band!

18. Dave’s surprise tee shirt design features the Smiling One on the back!

19. Dave reports that new tee shirt sales are brisk.

20. Allan helped inflate the balloons and Kitty provided the artistic touch.

21. Biermeister Barry and Mistress Carmen are ready for the action!

22. George makes sure that Ptah doesn’t make a mistake.

23. Meanwhile, Harvey and Bruce work on the projection system.

24. Mistress Marge and Mistress Carmen are pleased with the state of the preparations.

25. Jimmy nods in approval at the beer selection.

26. Dave and Jerry are happy to be back among their musical friends.

27. Paul and Bambi love the band!

28. Rich and Cyndi are ready to play!

29. Jo-Ellen and Jim are ready to party!

30. Nancy and Allen arrive at the party, seeking a little culture.

31. Sue and Phil marvel at the longevity of the band!

32. Joan, Richard, and Margaret are having a great time!

33. Marilyn and Mike are big fans of the band!

34. Neil and Elsa enjoy the camaraderie of the band!

35. Claire, George, and Mo are all smiles.

36. Dave and Bruce enjoy some refreshment!

37. Vicky and Dave anticipate a fine dinner and lots of tee shirt sales.

38. Stew and Phil recall the old days!

39. Paul joined the band in 1974 and keeps coming back!

40. Brian and Marlene are in the party mood!

41. Rudy (aka Emperor Norton) and Farris are in good spitits!

42. Jerry, Chris and Dave were Stanford Band members in an earlier era!

43. Ted came down from Benicia to enjoy the band.

44. Loren and Kay came down from Oroville. Loren joined the band when he was sixteen!

45. Jim and Richard were high school buddies.

46. Ed came from Boise to help celebrate!

47. George and “Sueshi” love the band.

48. Hal and Linda joined the band last June, but required no adjustment period whatsoever!

49. Mike and Carl enjoy being with 122 of their closest friends tonight.

50. Betsy and Hans enjoy the continuous slide show of past band events!

51. Florence and Paul socialize before dinner.

52. Miss Molly and Joey couldn’t be happier!

53. John and Anne enjoy the memorabilia table, recalling the many past events.

54. George captures Norma’s attention.

55. Jim and Gayle are ready for a good time.

56. Stu joined the band in 1987, and it has changed his life!

57. Pam, Ella, Donna, John, and Bret are big fans of the band!

58. Ross and Bill ham it up before the show.

59. Pilar, Ross and Sueshi have partying on their minds.

60. Doug checks Linda’s credentials before issuing her badge.

61. Diantha and Jan love the band.

62. Rich and Barry have stocked the beer cooler for the evening celebration.

63. Patti and Gail toast to the occasion.

64. Meanwhile, our party mistresses are preparing the wonderful dinner ahead!

65. Carmen makes it look real easy!

66. Barry brings out reinforcements, and Ronni just can’t wait!

67. Linda ventures into the kitchen to “help”!

68. Nancy and Delightful Debbie enjhoy a cocktail before dinner.

69. Jimmy and Bob are looking good!

70. Jack and Elsa share their good fortune to have joined the band!

71. Rayda and Claire enjoy a short one before dinner.

72. Party mistresses Carmen and Cyndi pass the hors d’oeuvres to an appreciative crowd.

73. Neil, Leonard and Jack discuss world events.

74. Mark couldn’t be happier!

75. Tommy clutches his water bottle, still remembering New Years Eve.

76. Mary Jean and Art recall the early days of the band.

77. Keven thinks we don’t recognize him in his dreadlocks.

78. But Debbie may have put him up to it.

79. Randy heads over to the platter for a sample.

80. Anne gives John “the eye.”

81. Betsy brings more hors d’oeuvres to the masses.

82. Doug, Ted and Stu say “thumbs up” to the celebration.

83. Jerry admires the new band tee shirt on David.

84. Marilyn and Sue tell a few stories.

85. Betsy and Keltie have the Los Trancos spirit tonight!

86. Elayne and Dave enjoy making fine music with the band!

87. Ed shows his shiny Japanese-made barisax to John.

88. Margie and Ptah are wearing new outfits, made especially for tonight!

89. Stew, Jim and Nancy share a laugh!

90. Donna and Marty join the party, helping the band celebrate our first fifty years!

91. Dick retains his composure as Bruce enjoys himself.

92. Muley and Chico love the band!

93. Stu, Carolyn, Florence and Bambi are ready to make some music!

94. Linda thinks she is in heaven.

95. Paul and Anne joined the band is 1974, and prefer band members 10 to 1.

96. Smiley has already suited up in his new tee shirt, ready to start the next fifty years.

97. Mo and Frank relax before we start to play.

98. Keltie warms up on a familiar number.

99. Doug joins in.

100. Mark and Linda join the vocal.

101. The band sounds terrific in the in the hall, quite different than our usual open-air venues.

102. Everyone joins in!

103. Debbie is wearing a special tiara for the occasion.

104. Jan, Bob and Linda love to celebrate!

105. Boris can sing, too!

106. Jack can make those fingers fly!

107. Stew does a nice job on this horn he borrowed from Dave.

108. Anne and Florence remember the old days in the band.

109. Tony has his keys numbered for convenience.

110. Bruce is ready to make music!

111. Ptah and Rudy form an unusual bamboo flute - banjo duet.

112. Boris and Ptah tune up.

113. Jerry raises a glass to long life for the band!

114. Patti and Ronni tend to details in the kitchen.

115. Woody and Diana enjoy the show.

116. Randy and Joey are sounding good!

117. The band has a “big” sound in the hall.

118. Nancy loves the band favorites.

119. Leonard and Keltie bolster the sax section.

120. Rich, David, Stew, Jack, and Doug join the pre-dinner set.

121. Suzie Q loves the band.

122. It’s hard to beat the selection of turkey, ham, Cindy’s home-made lasagne,
green beans, potatoes, bread, two salads, and meatballs!

123. And, to top it off, Carmen’s home made carrot cake!!

124. Really nice!

125. The third one has a cocoanut frosting for variety!

126. Jake prefers the salad.

127. Ken, who was under the weather, stopped by to wish us well.

128. Folks waited in the queue for their turn at the smorgasbord.

129. Everyone was in good spirits.


131. Mistress Carmen and Randy relax, as the dinner progresses.

132. Jim tries the red wine.

133. Pam and Ted tell band stories.



136. Milkman arrives in time for dinner.

137. Randy and Milkman couldn’t be happier!

138. Mistresses Carmen and Vicky keep the smorgasbord replenished.

139. Mistress Cindy recalls her days in a toga.


141. Ptah and Marge are members of the clean-plate club.

142. Debbie and Fay are all smiles.

143. Stew and Harvey enjoy a malt beverage for old times’ sake.

144. Valerie tells Carpy that she really likes the band!

145. Joey, Carmen and Milkman tell Burning Man stories.

146. Norma and Judy are new to the band, but they are having a good time!

147. Carmen and Barry love to party!

148. And they love to hold hands, too!

149. A real treat for the band was Fay’s twirling routine, “Roxy.”

150. She put on a teriffic show!

151. It’s always nice to perform for a full house!

152. A great show!

153. No wonder the LTWCMB is the Number One marching band in California!

154. Smiley wishes he could twirl like that.

155. Ptah had a few words to say.

156. Stew came out from Connecticut to say a few words.

157. Dave has a laugh, as Joey nods off.

158. But now he is back at attention.

159. Finally, Carmen thanks everyone for coming and says she loves them dearly!

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