St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 12, 2006
San Francisco

Part 2 of 2


(Many thanks to Mike “Dragonslayer” Parker for the photos!)

Here’s Mike with daughter Amber and son Mike, ready for the big event.

Randy and Mike swap a few lies.

We are formed-up and ready to step off. Our new twirler, Fay, joins Patti out front!

Here we go, with Tim Cogan leading the way.

Doug, Randy and Cindy aren't fazed by a little rain!

Jerry is “looking” good.

Steve and Barry contemplate the cart umbrella, which has suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

The sax section is well-represented by Randy, Carmen, and Jerry.

We are looking good , as we head toward the judging stand, located across from City Hall.

This fellow took a liking to the band. At least he had good taste in music!

Jennifer and Mike reflect on a successful day in the City.

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