LTWCMB 55th Anniversary Party - 2015
San Carlos

January 3, 2015


The band was started on January 1, 1960, when we marched for the first time in Los Trancos Woods. To celebrate the 55th Anniversary of our founding, we threw a party for ourselves on January 3, 2015.

The following set of photos was provided by Linda Nystrom. Enjoy the pics!

[01]  Hal and John produce a little home-made music!

[02]  Kitty looks sharp with her fringed washboard!

[03]  “Groucho” Claire is in fine form.

[04]  Jan has a colorful dance routine.

[05]  Ptah plays a holiday tune on his bamboo flute.

[06]  Boris plays by ear!

[07]  Doug is looking dapper for this special occasion.

[08]  Jack is sounding good.

[09]  Anne knows all of our tunes by heart.

[10]  Dave joins in the chorus.

[11]  Merele is a percussionist today!

[12]  We had some good-sounding horns in the house!

[13]  Paul wore red-white-blue for the occasion.

[14]  Jan is looking good!

[15]  Milkman wore white, as usual.

[16]  Randy has an offer you can’t refuse!

[17]  They don’t call him squeezer for nothing!

[18]  We didn’t have a lot of extra floor space for a band formation, so we settled for a surround-sound effect!

[19]  With 80 guests at the party, there was good music, good food, and good fellowship all around!

[20]  We played tunes from our extensive chart book.

[21]  Jimmy was in good form that night.

[22]  Lots of good trumpets were a treat to hear.

[23]  Jo-Ellen and Jim were very happy to be here.

[24]  Squeezer can squeeze a trumpet, too!

[25]  Claire brought her son, Jim, to the party so he could meet the band!

[26]  Our percussion section is First Class ...

[27]  ... and our brass section is second to none!

[28]  Music for parties and parades ... for 55 years!

[29]  Jim is happy to ba among friends.

[30]  Doug can sing and play at the same time!

[31]  Chris does a nice job with his Sousa.

[32]  Helen, Lou, and Jim give us a nice smile for this candid shot.

[33]  Carmen appears to be addressing us from the podium.

[34]  But here, she harmonizes with Rich.

[35]  Jay and Rich make a serious sound!

[36]  No act would be complete without a juggler in the house!

[37]  A high-powered band like ours wouldn’t be complete without Cindy’s descants.

[38]  Fortunately, we had a high ceiling so Patti could perform.

[39]  Carmen left her fruit bowl home today.

[40]  The surround-sound effect, with the high ceiling, produced a great sound!

[41]  Linda put down her camera long enough to pose with Jonathan!

[42]  Rick is sounding good!

[43]  This guy is enjoying every minute of it!

[44]  Patti can twirl on one foot!

[45]  Delightful Debbie loves the band!

[46]  Ross liked the high ceiling, too!

[47]  What a lineup! Hans, Jay, Rich, Carmen, and Harvey!

[48]  And last, but not least, Suzie Q!

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