St. Patrick’s Day Parade
San Francisco

March 14, 2015


This set of photos was contributed by band member Allan Wilson. Enjoy the pics!

[01]  Several of us decided to take the 10:01 BART train into San Francisco from the Millbrae station. Because Millbrae is the first stop, seating is not a problem.


[03]  There was even room for Patti to practice her twirling.


[05]  We arrived at the formation area with plenty of time for refreshment.






[11]  Jimmy has a car he would like to sell.

[12]  Time for breakfast!

[13]  The slide whistle and snare drum have arrived!








[21]  Chris has arrived with his Sousaphone.

[22]  We are ready to step off!


[24]  The tension builds as we approach the judging stand.


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