Woodside May Day Parade
May 1, 2004

Part 2 of 2


(Many thanks to Mark Wade for the photos!)


The other units have left the staging area, so now it’s our turn to march.

And we’re off!  A nice crowd is on hand to greet the band, and Patti is out front with her baton.

Rod leads the way with his beaded friends!!

Meanwhile, Rose and Patti get the crowd’s attention before the band arrives.

We had lots of good-sounding reeds and horns in the heart of the band!

Randy, Smiley and Chris pull up the rear!

Florence, Cindy and Ronni play to the spectators.

We finally make it to the half-way point, and we enjoy the half-time
pause before the grueling march back to the starting point.

Patti gives Leyley a few pointers on twirling.

Hans and Linda reflect on the fine points of precision marching techniques.

Boris and Diantha pose for a fashion shot.

We decide to entertain ourselves before it’s time for the march back.

Norman, Diantha, and Sanna are refreshed and eager to complete the march!

Bert and Norman enjoy the sunshine and are in no hurry!

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