Woodside May Day Parade
May 3, 2008


Many thanks to Mark Wade for sending in this first group of photos!

It was a beautiful day in Woodside for the 86th Annual May Day Parade!
We assembled on the newly-renovated school grounds before the parade.

Hans was all ready to go with his silver horn!

Biermeister Barry was explaining to Sean the fine points of beverage management.

Sean was looking sharp for the big parade!
He was lucky to be able to borrow a bass drum for the occasion.

Florence, Ptah and Jimmy were in good form for the warm-up activities.

Miss Molly brought her pink poodle purse for a high-fashion look!

Carmen went over the top with her Trancos-Brazilian headgear!
We’re lucky to have such a bombshell in our band!

Miss Molly and Carmen are a real class act!

Marika and Sean feel the excitement in the air!

The parade is underway, and we are almost ready to go!

Jo-Ellen and Marika are our banner carriers for the day.

Boris and Delightful Debbie are ready to go!

And, we’re off!

The crowd gives us a warm reception!

Marika waves to her fans!

Bert, Jimmy and Vinny make a nice second line!

Carmen joins Barry for a bit of refreshment!

And Barry is happy to oblige!

After a strenuous 2-block march, we reach the half-way point to catch our breath.
Miss Molly, David, Carmen, and Boris are certainly looking refreshed!

Our ace photographer, Mark, and Boris are long-time friends and band members.

Many thanks to Andrew Rogers for this next group of photos!

Patti leads the way back up the hill for the second half of the parade.

Washboard Kitty and Carmen are all smiles for the return trip!

We wait our turn for the all-important judging stand review!

We give it our best!

David is “stick man” for the day.

Doug and Jim are part of our tight rhythm section.

Barry always has a choice “rear view” of the band.

Marc in’ Time is playing his new red guitar for the first time today.

Ptah is stealthily taking movies with his camera-in-a-hat apparatus.

The band sounded good today, as we anticipate lunch at Zott’s after the parade.

Ptah plays his home-made bamboo flute.

Sean and Florence do a nice job in the drum section.

And Rich and Miss Molly do their best in the horn section!

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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