Burlingame Pet Parade
Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fellow Bandperson: September 18, 2019

EVENT REPORT: The band picnic was great fun. A beautiful day and perfect weather (maybe a little warm). Lots of fine vittles and everyone seemed to have a great time. The horseballs champion this year was Ronni “Pink Balls” Haderle, aka “Pinkie,” with a great finish. To top it off, the beer lasted until the end.

UP NEXT: Two events are covered in this newsletter. First is the Burlingame pet parade. Dust off your bunny ears for the Burlingame Pet Parade, to be held on Saturday, September 28! The assembly area will be the same as in past years, on Chula Vista Avenue. The parking area is known as the Post Office Lot, where the parking meters WILL NOT be enforced on Saturday morning. To get there from 101, take the Broadway exit, cross the train tracks (left lane), turn left on California, turn right on Carmelita, turn right on El Camino, turn right into the Chase Bank parking lot, through the bank lot into the Post Office lot. See the printable map here:


To insure a parking spot, try to park by 0900 or so, walk to the assembly area, and join your band buddies and other fauna for a cool one before the parade starts at 1000.

After the pet parade, Carmen and Barry are graciously hosting a gathering at their home at 1405 Mefferd Avenue in San Mateo. Beer and wine will be provided. You might bring along a few munchies to share. See the band RSVP page for a pointer to the map to their house.

RSVP: It is important that everyone RSVP for ALL band events so we can plan for the best possible experience for everyone. RSVP WHETHER OR NOT you are planning to show up. Your negative response is just as important as a positive one. Do it NOW, while you are thinking of it! RSVP HERE:


TUBA SUNDAY: Yes, people, the end of the world was averted and Rossotti’s Alpine Inn Beer Garden (formerly Alpine Inn Beer garden - formerly Rossotti’s) opened at the end of August. Our group did Tuba Sunday on September 8 (September 1 had a 5PM opening - wouldn’t have worked). It went extremely well. As usual, this is not just for tubas: all instruments are welcome. It is the first Sunday of the month. Be there around 1600 (4:00 PM) on October 6 to participate. Parking may be a problem since the joint is packed all the time these days.

NEW MEMBERS: If you have a musician friend who might be interested in joining the band, the Burlingame Pet Parade is a good “starter” event to make the introduction. It is short, has good spectator interaction, and lots of animals. Dues Special: If they join the band on parade day, the rest of 2019 is free with a paid 2020 membership!

SCOUT WANTED: You may have heard that the Santa Clara Parade of Champions is starting up again, after a 24-year absence. It was a favorite parade of ours in the early years of the band, so on September 28 if it returns in full glory, we may consider playing there again! We would like a scout (or two) to check it out for us this year and give us a report. (This year, the parade conflicts with the Burlingame Pet Parade, so the rest of us will be on duty.)

SPECIAL ITEM: I (Smiley) give up on asking someone to be the beermeister. I shall carry on until I perish. Meanwhile, I would like to thank those who assist me in assembling the stuff at the events. And, I would certainly be pleased if someone would volunteer to take it all over. 20 or more years is a long time to do this.

T-SHIRTS: David sez: Send requests to domitype@gmail.com and David will bring the items to the parade. Also mail order is possible. Green shirts are $20 but only Men’s Small and Medium are available. All sizes of the yellow shirt are available, $10 each. There are a very few old design White shirts in Child sizes, $5 each. Cash money is preferable but checks are OK - sorry, no Bitcoin, Smartphone, or other E-Commerce payments.”

EVENT SUGGESTIONS: We are always looking for new ways to get together to share our musical talents with each other and with the public. Email Harvey or Smiley with your best ideas.

PARTY LINE: Consider joining our free, voluntary email list, allowing you to keep in touch with other band members. It can be used for any topics that may be of interest to band members, and even for carpooling to band events. We currently have 91 members on the list. To join or un-join, just send an email to subscribe@ltwcmb.com.

PHOTOS OF THE BAND: We are always looking for photos and video clips of the band! If you have some that you would like to share, we have a new, easy way to send them to us via your Internet browser, rather than the through the email system with its attendant file-size restrictions. So, from your computer, just use this link:


NOW HIRING: We currently have four “section leaders” for brass, woodwinds, percussion and auxillary. Now, we would like to add a “color guard” section to the band to improve our curb appeal and to more effectively use our members who don’t play traditional instruments. The new section would comprise our current banner carriers plus new flag carriers who would do simple (or complex) routines, just like a real color guard. If YOU have an interest in leading or joining an LTWCMB Color Guard section, let us know: jimharvey@jimharvey.org

NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS: If, from time to time, any of you have news items that would be of interest to our band members, send them in to Harvey or Smiley and we will include them in the next Newsletter. This could include notes for local gigs involving LTWCMB members.

FUTURE EVENTS: The list of future events follows. Detailed information on each event is normally sent out a few days before the event. Be sure to check the web site for late-breaking news.

Sat9/28Pet Parade in Burlingame
Sun10/13Italian Heritage Parade (Columbus Day) in The City
Sat12/14Annual Yule Concert in Palo Alto
Sat1/4/20LTWCMB 60th Anniversary Party

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information call Harvey at 650-321-7788 or Smiley at 650-269-7542. E-mail addresses are jimharvey@jimharvey.org or donfnelson@earthlink.net.

ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: For address corrections contact Jim Harvey, 960 Cotton Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025 or phone or e-mail Harvey or Smiley.

CHARTS ON THE WEB: Thanks to our chartmaster, Chris Quinn, we have a good collection of charts available. You may have to enter a name/password to view the charts on the website (https://ltwcmb.com/charts), so just enter "charts" for both the name and password.

LYRICS: Note that the words to almost all of the songs are in a pdf file on the web site. If some are missing or incorrect let Smiley know and we will update the web site. There is a short one with just the lyrics we sing and a long one with with more stuff. The short one is a pdf file with a table of contents that points to the tunes (some pdf readers will go directly to the words if you click the toc item). Put it on your handheld device and sing the tunes more or less correctly.

Don (Smiley) Nelson
Newsletter Editor