St. Patrick’s Parade
San Francisco
Saturday March 16, 2019

Fellow Bandperson:            March 6, 2019

EVENT REPORT: As usual, the Yuletide concert in Lytton Plaza in Palo Alto was great. We had a fine group. The weather was fine. The spectators were impressed. The after gathering at the Old Pro was fun. One of our better events of the year.

UP NEXT: Our first parade event of our 60th year is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in San Francisco on Saturday, March 16 (the day before the actual day). We are Unit Number 90 this year, and our formation spot is on Second Street, between Folsom and Harrison. The parade ends up at the City Hall, as is its wont. We will perform rain or shine. Smiley will have his cell phone (number below), so you can check with him on site. Remember, inclement weather builds character and strong bodies eight ways. For train fans, you can take the #423 that leaves the Palo Alto station at 0912 and arrives in The City at 1041. It is half a mile from the train station to the starting spot, but if you want to take the bus instead of walking, take either the #45 or the #30 bus from the Caltrain Station at 4th and Townsend to 3rd and Harrison or Bryant and walk over to 2nd. Cash fare: $2.75 (clipper card $.25 less) for adults, $1.35 for old farts (over 64) and young pip-squeaks (5 - 17) (clipper card $1.25) and free for under 5. You must have exact change (dollar bills OK) or a Clipper card. Some people take Bart from the Daily City station to the Montgomery Street station and it is about 5 blocks up the hill to the start. After the parade we’ll go to the joint down 9th where we have ended up for the last hundred years or so (Club 93, formerly John Bull’s). They will provide some food for us. We should mention that no matter what the weather, your management will go to the parade site. Last year we had good weather -- chilly but no rain. Let’s hope for fine weather this year. For the scoop on the SF transit see:

Be sure to wear a lot of green things - all the regular Irish kitsch is OK: 4-leaf clovers/shamrocks, hats, etc. Be creative!

We are allowed a maximum of one minute to perform before the judges stand, with a penalty if we exceed it. Basically, we just have to keep going and not stop since it takes about a minute for our troops to pass.

The tunes that we will play “for sure” are: It’s A Long Way to Tipperary, I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover, McNamara’s Band, My Wild Irish Rose, and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. The judging stand tune will be Tipperary. Obviously, we will throw in a few of our regular tunes. Charts are available for all of these tunes (see the chart section way below).

Here is the annual lecture and it applies to all parades: We always have a problem with the group getting spread out. Try to stay in rows and columns and keep up with the rest of the band. Also, we have a problem with the major players being unable to hear each other. The order we have been using works fine. Here it is:

Drum Major
Brass, except Trumpets and Bass
Drums and Tubas
Beer Cart

And, as a special thing for me (the bass drum player), please don’t step in front of me whilst we are marching. I get shoved further and further back and end up a block away. Also, I will probably run over your foot.

Once we get around the last corner to City Hall the Drum Major will watch to see if the group ahead of us is taking too long with their performance - watch very carefully for signals to stop and/or start - but don’t hesitate to go forward if we have a clear stage! There are chalk marks on the street that indicate the performance area and we should follow the judging rules. We will keep playing and singing Tipperary until we are well clear of the reviewing zone.

RSVP: It is important that everyone RSVP for ALL band events so we can plan for the best possible experience for everyone. RSVP WHETHER OR NOT you are planning to show up. Your negative response is just as important as a positive one. Do it NOW, while you are thinking of it! RSVP HERE:

TUBA SUNDAY: We hope we will be having Tuba Sunday at the Alpine Beer Garden (formerly Rossotti’s) next month. It will be held on Sunday, April 7. It is the first Sunday of the month. Be there around 1600 (4:00 PM) to participate. This is not just for tubas: all instruments are welcome. Zott’s has been closed for a couple of months for remodeling and we hope it will be open by then. If not, no Tuba Sunday.

ANNUAL REHEARSAL VENUE: We are looking for a venue for our Annual Rehearsal this year, on Saturday, April 27. If you have always wanted to get to know your neighbors better, and have a back yard suitable for hosting our band, we would be grateful. The band will provide helpers as needed and beer. It is a potluck format, so no food is expected from our host. If extra serving tables are needed, we can provide those, as well. If you are interested, call Jim Harvey at 650-321-7788.

SPECIAL ITEM: I (Smiley) give up on asking someone to be the beermeister. I shall carry on until I perish. Meanwhile, I would like to thank those who assist me in assembling the stuff at the events.

T-SHIRTS: David sez: “Please send shirt requests to Yellow shirts are available in all the usual sizes, just $10 each. The green shirts are available in limited sizes, $20 each. If you want mail or local delivery add $3 for postage etc. David will not be bringing any extra shirts to the parade.”

EVENT SUGGESTIONS: We are always looking for new ways to get together to share our musical talents with each other and with the public. Email Harvey or Smiley with your best ideas.

ID BUTTONS: Everyone is expected to wear his/her ID BUTTON for all events. If you have recently ordered one, see Harvey at the event to receive it. If it has been a long time since you ordered it, send him an email to be sure it is still available. If you don’t have one yet, email him with the exact name you want to appear on it, and it will be ready for you:

PARTY LINE: Consider joining our free, voluntary email list, allowing you to keep in touch with other band members. It can be used for any topics that may be of interest to band members, and even for carpooling to band events. We currently have 91 members on the list. To join or un-join, just send an email to

PHOTOS OF THE BAND: Many of you have taken photos at our various band events, and we’re sure you have some that are real knockouts! If you would be willing to share them, we would like to put them on the band website for all to enjoy. You can email them to, or contact us and and we can make other arrangements to transfer them. If they are numerous or large files, you can share them via Dropbox

NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS: If, from time to time, any of you have news items that would be of interest to our band members, send them in to Harvey or Smiley and we will include them in the next Newsletter. This could include notes for local gigs involving LTWCMB members.

FUTURE EVENTS: The list of future events follows. Detailed information on each event is normally sent out a few days before the event. Be sure to check the web site for late-breaking news.

Sat3/16St. Patrick’s Parade in The City
Sat4/27LTWCMB Annual Rehearsal
Sat5/4May Day Parade in Woodside
Sat5/18Pet Parade in Los Altos
Mon5/27Memorial Day Parade in Hillsborough
Sun6/2Lion’s Club 79th Annual Posy Parade in San Bruno
Thu7/4Independence Day Parade in Redwood City
Sun7/28Band Picnic in Huddart Park
Sat9/28Pet Parade in Burlingame
Sun10/6Italian Heritage Parade (Columbus Day) in The City
Sat12/14Annual Yule Concert in Palo Alto
Sat1/4/20LTWCMB 60th Anniversary Party

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information call Harvey at 650-321-7788 or Smiley at 650-269-7542. E-mail addresses are or

ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: For address corrections contact Jim Harvey 960 Cotton Street Menlo Park CA 94025 or phone or e-mail Harvey or Smiley.

CHARTS ON THE WEB: Thanks to our chartmaster Chris Quinn we have a good collection of charts available. You may have to enter a name/password to view the charts on the website ( ) so just enter "charts" for both the name and password.

LYRICS: Note that the words to almost all of the songs are in a pdf file on the web site. If some are missing or incorrect let Smiley know and we will update the web site. There is a short one with just the lyrics we sing and a long one with with more stuff. The short one is a pdf file with a table of contents that points to the tunes (some pdf readers will go directly to the words if you click the toc item). Put it on your handheld device and sing the tunes more or less correctly.

Don (Smiley) Nelson
Newsletter Editor