Annual Band Picnic

Huddart County Park

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Fellow Bandperson: July 25, 2018

EVENT REPORT: Many band members showed up for the optional Pancake Breakfast in the Firehouse on Marshall and got good parking spots for the RC Independence Day Parade. We were toward the end of the parade this year, so we enjoyed some extended socializing on Alden before we stepped off. Once underway, we had perfect weather for marching along the 1.3-mile Independence Day parade route in Redwood City. The pace of the parade was normal, but there was no stopping at all. There were lots of spectators, and we finished well. After the parade we attended a parking lot party and enjoyed a nice lunch. Then, we finished off the activities with a few tunes at Bobby D’s for the vets. We were awarded two awards for our efforts: (1) FIRST PLACE - Community Bands ($400), and (2) SECOND PLACE - Drum Major.

UP NEXT: The annual band picnic will be our next event. It is one of the main social events of the year. It will be held on Sunday, August 5, in the Oak Picnic Area of Huddart County Park (off of Kings Mountain Road up the hill from Woodside) starting around 1100 hours. There is a $6 fee at the gate for each auto, so car pools would be in order. Bring your own horseshoes (pits provided) and your own food (beer, soft drinks, and charcoal fires will be provided). As is our wont, the annual horseballs tournament, open to any and all picnic attendees, will be held. With a little luck, YOU could take the crown this year. In case you don’t know where Kings Mountain Road is, you take 280 to the Woodside exit, take Woodside Road towards the mountain for a couple of miles and you will see the road and a sign for the Park. No animals allowed with the exception of party animals (we do qualify, but they let us in anyhow). According to the published rules, adult supervision is required (we do have difficulty with that one). Be there or be square. Uniforms are not required for the band picnic, but please bring your instruments (we always serenade the local fauna) and wear your ID button so we can all recognize each other in our civvies.

RSVP: It is important that everyone RSVP for ALL band events so we can plan for the best possible experience for everyone. RSVP WHETHER OR NOT you are planning to show up. Your negative response is just as important as a positive one. Do it NOW, while you are thinking of it! RSVP HERE:

TUBA SUNDAY: We will be having Tuba Sunday at the Alpine Beer Garden (formerly Rossotti’s) next month even though the picnic is on the same day. This is not just for tubas: all instruments are welcome. It is the first Sunday of the month. That means the next one is August 5, 2018. Be there around 1703 (5:03 PM) to participate. A bit later than usual due to the picnic.

NEW MEMBERS: There are no new members at this time.

DEPARTED: Long time band member George (Peaceful George) Louzensky passed away “peacefully” on June 19, 2018. Band members are invited to play and remember him on Saturday, August 18, from 3-6 pm at 1624 Trollman Avenue, San Mateo. George joined the band in 1976, and played banjo and wooden spoons. We will miss his creative cartoons, and the smile and goodwill he was always eager to share. His daughter, Joanie Wade, will be hosting the event, and she can be reached at 650-430-9590 (h) or 650-513-1229 (c).

Very long time member Joey Pettegrew joined the band in the 1970s or thereabouts, and passed away from Parkinson’s on the 20th. He played mostly Flugelhorn and tuba, but could play almost any horn. He moved from Mountain View to Fallon Nevada a few years ago, and because of that and his illness, he has not participated in our gigs for the last few years. Joey also played with The California Repercussions, Friday Night Music, Toot-Sweet Jazz Band, and several ECV Clamper Bands. He and David Richoux founded The Burning Band at Burning Man and Joey constructed many amazing things at Burning Man (one of his most famous is the Spank-O-Matic). Joey played in several other Palo Alto area bands, but we don’t know all the names. He was also a very inventive practical engineer and machinist, automobile restorer, artist, and so much more. No memorial service is planned at this point, but there will be one in Fallon. Joey was truly amazing and those of us who knew him well always delighted in telling “Joey stories”.

SPECIAL ITEM: I (Smiley) give up on asking someone to be the beermeister. I shall carry on until I perish. Meanwhile, I would like to thank those who assist me in assembling the stuff at the events.

T-SHIRTS: David sez: “There will be an assortment of t-shirts in a variety of sizes at the picnic. Not all sizes for the green shirts - lots of Smalls and Mediums still available. $20 for the green, $10 for the yellow ones. I will have a few old white shirts in mostly Adult Medium or Small - $5. You might want them to cut out the artwork to sew on to something else. Cash or checks are OK - I do not have any web based pay methods at this point.”

EVENT SUGGESTIONS: We are always looking for new ways to get together to share our musical talents with each other and with the public. Email Harvey or Smiley with your best ideas.

ID BUTTONS: Everyone is expected to wear his/her ID BUTTON for all events. If you have recently ordered one, see Harvey at the event to receive it. If it has been a long time since you ordered it, send him an email to be sure it is still available. If you don’t have one yet, email him with the exact name you want to appear on it, and it will be ready for you:

PARTY LINE: Consider joining our free, voluntary email list, allowing you to keep in touch with other band members. It can be used for any topics that may be of interest to band members, and even for carpooling to band events. We currently have 91 members on the list. To join or un-join, just send an email to

PHOTOS OF THE BAND: Many of you have taken photos at our various band events, and we’re sure you have some that are real knockouts! If you would be willing to share them, we would like to put them on the band website for all to enjoy. You can email them to, or contact us and and we can make other arrangements to transfer them. If they are numerous or large files, you can share them via DropBox

NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS: If, from time to time, any of you have news items that would be of interest to our band members, send them in to Harvey or Smiley and we will include them in the next Newsletter. This could include notes for local gigs involving LTWCMB members.

FUTURE EVENTS: The list of future events follows. Detailed information on each event is normally sent out a few days before the event. Be sure to check the web site for late-breaking news.

Sun  8/5,   Band Picnic in Huddart Park
Sat   9/29,  Pet Parade in Burlingame
Sun  10/7,   Italian Heritage Parade (Columbus Day or perhaps Indigenous Peoples Day or something else by that time) in The City
Sun  10/28,  Halloween Parade in Burlingame
Sat  12/15,   Annual Yule Concert in Palo Alto

FURTHER INFORMATION: For further information call Harvey at 650-321-7788 or Smiley at 650-269-7542. E-mail addresses are or

ADDRESS CORRECTIONS: For address corrections contact Jim Harvey, 960 Cotton Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025 or phone or e-mail Harvey or Smiley.

CHARTS ON THE WEB: Thanks to our chartmaster, Chris Quinn, we have a good collection of charts available. You may have to enter a name/password to view the charts on the website (, so just enter “charts” for both the name and password.

LYRICS: Note that the words to almost all of the songs are in a pdf file on the web site. If some are missing or incorrect let Smiley know and we will update the web site. There is a short one with just the lyrics we sing and a long one with with more stuff. The short one is a pdf file with a table of contents that points to the tunes (some pdf readers will go directly to the words if you click the toc item). Put it on your handheld device and sing the tunes more or less correctly.

Don (Smiley) Nelson
Newsletter Editor