Judith’s Roast
September 28, 2002

Judith Rutherford invited the Band over to her place for a “roast.”
She wanted to thank the landscape workers who have helped around
her place, and she also wanted to thank the Band for playing for her
late husband’s memorial. It was an all-day affair, starting at noon.

The centerpiece of the meal was three barbecued animals -- a goat,
a pig, and a lamb. All three were on spits over a mesquite charcoal fire.

The goat was first to come off the fire. Jim explains to Gail about the fine points of roasting.

Three spits were going simultaneously. The pig was the largest
of the three animals, and so the legs were cooked separately.

The cooks were busy every minute.

The pork legs are shown in the foreground.

Here, the lamb is adjusted for proper balance.

Hey, does this look good?

These smiling faces are ready for seconds!

There was plenty of meat for seconds, thirds, or whatever.

The other guests were real friendly, too.

The trumpet players seemed to get most of the attention, however.

Meanwhile, Ptah entertains Marge and Kate.

Now, the dueling trumpets are at it again!

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