LTWCMB Celebration Party
May 12, 2007
Eagles Hall, Redwood City

Part 2


Part 1 - Steve’s Party Photos

Part 2 - Barry’s Party Photos (this page)

Part 3 - (coming soon)

(Many thanks to Barry for the great photos!)

Smiley admires the beautiful cake made by Cecily.

David and Chico discuss tropical matters.

Patti seems to get Craig real excited!

Smiley, Joan and Jim contemplate their many years with the band.

Barry and Jimmy are “suitably” dressed for the occasion!

Carpy embraces band co-founder Harvey and Valerie, his bride-to-be!

Chico remembers starting with the band when he was just a kid!

Bill and Smiley relax before the show.

Hans and Betsy look happy in their coordinated outfits!

Barbara, Boris, and Paul enjoy a good laugh!

Marilyn, Chuck and Sue are happy to celebrate with the band!

Barry and Barbara talk about good times with the band.

After 19 years with the band, Marlene and Brian are ready to celebrate!

Vinny warms up with a couple of tunes!

Smiley, Steve, Harvey and Stew seem to have the situation under control.

Rose and Matt are all dressed up with someplace to go!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, the party mistresses are doing a little celebrating, too!

Boris and Cindy admire the collection of trophies and other band memorabilia on display.

The array of trophies is quite extensive.

Florence brought this impressive poster of ribbons.

We had a nice bunch of premium bananas on hand for the celebration.

The dinner line is open, featuring Cindy’s lasagna!

Linda and Doug recall many happy times with the band!

Marge and Ptah are having a great time!

Gillmor and Harvey recall the “good old days” during dinner, as the slide show plays in the background.

Smiley, Cindy, Slide and Carmen take a break before dessert.

The distinguished Professor Gillmor begins the after-dinner program
by tracing the origins of the band before its founding in 1960.

Smiley is presented with a stainless icon for his many years of service to the band.

At special part of the program, Smiley remembered our band members who have passed on before us.

Sueshi narrates some of her slides shown on the screen, while Slide plays hard-to-get.

Jim admires the stainless icon presented to him for his many years of service with the band.

Patti says, “Let me see, too!”

Barbara brought along this metal sculpture of a
drum major that Boris made for Arf many years ago.

Jim admires his stainless icon, as Stew, Patti and Betsy look on.

Florence, Kitty and Ellen keep the percussion going as the band plays a few tunes.

The band sounds good, as we wrap up a fun-filled evening!

Pilar, Craig, Paul, Jimmy, Steve and Doug join in the music-making.

Craig and Jimmy play, while Steve figures out his next move.

The band sounds good in the hall, as everybody joins in.

Carmen tries to get Steve’s attention, but he doesn’t want any part of it.

Pilar, Ross, Boris and Chris get into the swing of things!

Part 1 - Steve’s Party Photos

Part 2 - Barry’s Party Photos (this page)

Part 3 - (coming soon)

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