Independence Day Parade
July 4, 2004
Redwood City

Many thanks to Mark Wade for sending in these photos!

Our drum major, Rich Erhardt, led us on to victory along a new parade route,
after many years of starting on Arguello Street. We were a truly impressive sight!

We used two banners for this parade -- our newly-refurbished 2-man horizontal banner,
and the vertical 1-man banner, seen above near the rear of the formation.

“Kona” Cody (on skateboard) and Darcy (on skates) arrived from Hawaii
to rejoin the band and to celebrate the holiday.

Rich and Ronni whip up the crowds!

We even look good from the rear!

In a rare moment of synchronization, Joey and Chico ae in step!

Linda Brady strikes an arresting pose!

Art Wagner and Jim Smith are in great form!

Bert tries to go incognito, but
WE know who is behind those dark glasses!

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