Ross McCourt, Director

Welcome to the Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band!

“Creating Fine Music Since 1960”

Los Trancos Woods is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, in the foothills behind Stanford University. We hope you can join us at some of our many performances in Northern California.

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Historic Photos

Rehearsal at Zott's, 1960

Boulder Creek Days, 1961

Soquel-O-Rama, 1962

Dutch Photos from 1967

Art Wagner’s Photos from 1971

1972 Santa Clara Parade of Champions

Art Wagner’s Photos from 1977

Sunset Magazine Story from 1978

Dave Richoux’s Photos of St. Patrick’s Day from 1978

1986 May Day Parade in Palo Alto

1986 Santa Clara Parade of Champions

The 1987 Annual Rehearsal

The Comedia Bowl, 1987

Cherry’s Three Videos 1990

Carpy’s Historic Photos

Sue Weiand’s 1994 Independence Day Parade Photos

The Hooker’s Ball, 1995

Joe Mann Historic Photos

4th of July Parade, 1997

St Patrick’s Parade, 1998

PCA Awards, 1999


St Patrick’s Parade Collage #1, 2000

St Patrick’s Parade Collage #2, 2000

The Bammies, 2000

Annual Yule Concert, 2000


Lupin Naturist Club, 2001

4th of July Parade, 2001

Annual Band Picnic, 2001


St Patrick’s Parade, 2002

Annual Rehearsal, 2002

Woodside May Day Parade and Return to the Band’s Ancestral Home, 2002

Castroville Artichoke Festival Parade, 2002

Seaside Parade of Champions, 2002

4th of July Parade, 2002

Annual Band Picnic, 2002

Judith’s Roast, 2002

Rio Vista Bass Festival Parade, 2002

Ptah’s 65th Birthday Party, 2002


Remembering our Drum General, Orville “Arf” Pitney, January 2003

Benicia Mardi Gras Parade, 2003

St. Patrick’s Parade, 2003

Annual Band Rehearsal, 2003

Woodside May Day Parade, 2003

Los Altos Pet Parade, 2003

San Mateo County Times Story, 7-2-03

Independence Day Parade, 2003

Columbus Day (Italian Heritage) Parade, 2003


St. Patrick’s Parade, 2004

Woodside May Day Parade, 2004

Independence Day Parade, 2004


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2005

Woodside May Day Parade, 2005

Independence Day Parade, 2005

Annual Band Picnic, 2005

Columbus Day Parade, 2005


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2006


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2007

LTWCMB Celebration Party, 2007

Columbus Day Parade, 2007

Annual Yuletide Concert, 2007


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2008

Woodside May Day Day Parade, 2008

Castroville Artichoke Parade and Festival, 2008

Annual Band Picnic, 2008

Columbus Day Parade, 2008


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2009

Independence Day Parade, 2009

Annual Band Picnic, 2009


Colossal 50th Anniversary Party

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2010

Annual Band Picnic, 2010

Italian Heritage Parade (AKA Columbus Day Parade), 2010

Yuletide Concert, 2010


Wake for a Marine, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2011

The Annual Rehearsal, 2011

Woodside May Day Parade, 2011

Independence Day Parade, 2011


St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2012

Independence Day Parade, 2012

Annual Band Picnic, 2012

Columbus Day Parade, 2012






55th Anniversary Party, 2015

St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 2015


Independence Day Parade, 2016

Los Altos Pet Parade, 2016


Los Altos Pet Parade, 2017

Columbus Day Parade, 2017

Annual Yuletide Concert, 2017


New Year’s Party, 2018

Los Altos Pet Parade, 2018


Los Altos Pet Parade, 2019



Los Altos Pet Parade, 2021

Annual Band Picnic, 2021


New Year’s Party, 2022

Annual Rehearsal, 2022

Los Altos Pet Parade, 2022

Boulder Creek Party, 2022

Columbus Day Parade, 2022

Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade, 2022

Yuletide Concert, 2022


New Years Party, 2023

St. Patrick’s Parade, 2023

Annual Rehearsal, 2023

Los Altos Pet Parade, 2023


New Years Party, 2024

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Site Contributions Welcome

This site is established for the benefit of members and friends of The Los Trancos Woods Community Marching Band. If you have any photos, news stories, or other band-oriented information that you would like to share, please let us know . We are particularly interested in material from the early days of the band for the “Historic Photos” section. After all, we have been doing this since 1960!