May Day Parade

May 7, 2011


One of our longest-running parades is the Woodside Elementary School May Day Parade. It is also unusual, in that it is three blocks long, and then retraces the same three blocks to finish at the starting line.

The following photos were contributed by Allan Wilson and Nancy Wierenga.

[AW-001]  “I’ll have one burger, a strawberry malted, and a side of fries.”

[AW-002]  Dave and Bert were among the first arrivals.

[AW-003]  Kitty chats with new member Ginnie.

[AW-005]  Long-time members Art and Mary Jean talk with Jo-Ellen.

[AW-006]  Art brought his son, Abraham, and his granddaughter along to introduce them to the band.

[AW-007]  Jim is resting up for the big parade.

[AW-008]  The beer cart is open for business.

[AW-009]  Now we know who we are!

[AW-010]  Barry assures Paul that the beer won’t run out.

[AW-011]  Paul warms up before the parade.

[AW-012]  Leonard is ready to go.

[AW-013]  Stew questions Claire’s washboard artwork.

[AW-014]  Jo-Ellen and Carmen tell stories.

[AW-015]  “You want how much for that banjo?”

[AW-016]  Lou explains that these things were once used for washing clothes!

[AW-017]  This is actually an evesdropping device.

[AW-018]  Neil plays, while Dick tries to fasten all of his buttons.

[AW-019]  Paul and John Hayden are long-time pillars of the band.

[AW-020]  Elayne will give us a taste of Hawaii today!

[AW-021]  Jo-Ellen has just one more story!

[AW-022]  Patti helps Jim with his epaulettes.

[AW-023]  Hal plays the horny role today.

[AW-024]  Vinny thinks everyone in the band should play an accordion...

[AW-025]  ...except the hula dancers, of course!

[AW-026]  “I love the islands.”

[AW-027]  Lou is happy to be part of the band today.


[AW-029]  Bert and Boris are old friends.

[AW-030]  Vinny catches a few winks before the main event.

[AW-031]  Delightful Debbie loves the band!

[AW-032]  Raggs and Ptah can’t wait for the parade to start.

[AW-033]  Debbie shows her dulcitar to Kitty.

[AW-034]  Marc convinces Jo-Ellen that she should save her money.

[AW-035]  We must be getting close to start time!

[AW-036]  Barry and Cindy recall the “good old days.”

[AW-037]  Rich explains his new mace signals to Cyndi and Kitty.

[AW-038]  Bambi and Ginnie are looking good!

[AW-039]  Betsy, Esther, and Hans’s dog.

[AW-041]  This is the half-way point in the parade. Now, we go back to the beginning point.


[AW-044]  I almost made him an offer for this nice Dodge Dart.

[AW-045]  Debbie and Marc are sounding good!

[AW-046]  Allan likes to think he could catch one this big!

[AW-047]  After the parade, we adjourned to Zott’s for a luncheon...

[NW-001]  ...and to play a few tunes, of course.

[NW-002]  The regulars seemed to be amused by the entertainment.

[NW-003]  Jack trades his trombone for the tuba.

[NW-004]  All in all, a fine day!

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