St. Patrick's Day, 2002
San Francisco

It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning, as the leadership of the Band contemplated whether to commit the vast resources of our membership to the parade in The City. We got a call from meteorologist Linda Hyde, predicting that the storm would dissipate by noon, which was the starting time of the parade. Another call from Keltie revealed that the weather radar showed that rain clouds were moving through the area (confirmed by looking out the window), but that they would clear by noon. So, all bandspersons were advised to report to the scene and perform our in our usual high-precision manner.

Here are some photos contributed by Judi Basolo, our new Banner Carrier!

Here are the Foxes, tuning up for the Big Event!

Keltie has a favorite color for the day!

Jim and Carolyn are all smiles

Jim and Judi show respect

Judi and Barry discuss the fine points of drumming with the expert

You probably wonder how Judi got this picture of the camera


Finally, although the TV editors left the parade footage of the Band on the cutting-room floor,
we did manage to make the front page of the San Mateo Times, reproduced below:

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