St. Patrick’s Day Parade
San Francisco
March 13, 2010


It was a bright, sunny day in San Francisco for the St Patrick’s Day Parade!

The following photos were contributed by
Allan Wilson, Doug Anderson, and Jack and Rada Ford.

1. Allan is ready to march, with his remote and his tambourine!

2. A perfect day to wear their band tee shirts!

3. Cyndi and Rich are looking good!

4. The beer cart and the early arrivals congregate before the parade.

5. Bob and Jack are ready to slide into position!

6. Dave watches Barry with an empty cup.

7. Florence nurses a strawberry yoghurt before the parade.

8. Carmen looks ravishing for such an early hour!

9. Our own Pope Pilar has turned Irish for the day!

10. Quality testing at the beer cart is always a good pasttime.

11. Chuck and Sue’s flute-playing granddaughter joins the band for the big parade!

12. Patti works on her twirling arm before the show.

13. Rich and Gail warm up.

14. “This band sounds good!”

15. Jim and Barry think our prospects for a big prize today are good.

16. We almost have a quorum!

17. Two tubas so far!

18. Allan contemplates the trek up Market Street.

19. Jim brought his daughter along for the big parade.

20. Curt and Marge share a laugh.

21. Rada, Jack and Kitty discuss washboards.

22. Bambi and Paul listen to Boris talk about the old days.

23. Someone has to watch the tubas.

24. Jim and Barry discuss important business.

25. But Jim thinks Barry should have another beer.

26. Jim’s daughter thinks the band is wonderful!

28. Ross is boning up on his one-footed juggling routine.

29. The Shriners were out in full force in their street machines.

30. We didn’t see any collisions, however.

31. The Irish pubs were well-represented in the parade.

32. On St. Paddy’s Day, even the fire trucks are green!

33. This Caddy brings back some memories!

34. The trade unions were having a field day.

35. The guy in the jeans forgot his uniform!

36. The Irish dancing girls are always a highlight of the parade.

37. Those nimble feet make their hair grow curly.

38. The dicipline these girls develop by dancing together will be a big asset to them in their teenage years!

39. A pretty sight!

40. The suspense is building, as the step-off time approaches.

41. We decide to warm up with a few numbers.

42. Chuck and Sue’s niece feels welcome in the flute section.

43. Patti is hoping for a ride around the block.

44. Drummer Doug just met a friend for life!

45. Finaly, we are off to the races!

46. Rich, the drum major, seems to be discussing signals with Smiley, on bass drum.

47. We’re saving our best formations for later.

48. Smiley is testing Revision 46AY3-66 to his drum carriage. This one has the streetcar tracks modification.

49. Curt and Hal are out front and sounding good!

A photographer takes notes as Frank and Mo tell stories.

51. Jan is out front, warming up the crowd.

52. Ptah is always a big favorite of the photographers in the crowd.

53. We resisted the temptation to give the Crazyhorse patrons a tune.

54. To avoid a ticket, the band stops for the red light.

55. But we are off and running at the green for St. Paddy’s Day!

56. This souvenir vendor looks like he belongs in our unit!

57. He should have worn a green shirt, though.

58. OK, so here we are at the judging stand, trying to look good for the dignitaries and judges.
We seem to have a little too much space between the banner and the rest of us.

59. However, the main part of the band is pretty well lined up!

60. A fine performance for the judges!

61. Truly incomparable.

62. A victorious exit from the judging area.

63. Jack points the way to the bar.

64. We settle in at Club 93 on Ninth Street.

65. AJ, who runs the bar, had some corned beef and cabbage waiting for us when we arrived.

66. So, we ran through a few numbers to the delight of the bar patrons.

67. We had a nice sound from the brass section!

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