The Annual Rehearsal - 2023


Our annual rehearsal was held in Cindy’s backyard this year. Amid a rainy and windy spring weather season, we got a beautiful warm, sunny day for the event.

One indication of how enjoyable the event was, is that only one person was playing with his iPhone and took a few photos to commemorate the occasion! Thanks to Pat Sullivan for the following photos.

[1]  Buzz enjoys the ambiance of a sunny day in Cindy’s backyard.

[2]  Laura and Pili love to rehearse!

[3]  Fine music is good for the soul!

[4]  Sun or shade, a perfect day!

[5]  We had a good mix of instrumentation and other specialties for our rehearsal.

[6]  Ross was our drum major for the day.

[7]  Plenty of food and drink, as Jan and Chris talk about good times.

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