Annual Band Picnic - 2009
Huddart Park, Woodside
July 26, 2009


We had a great time in at our Annual Band Picnic this year!

We received photos from four different contributors.
Many thanks to Diantha, who sent in the first group of photos:

1. Dave describes how a horn works to Dick and Hal.

2. Carmen and Cindy can sing, too!

3. Boris knows where the pretty girls are!

4. Cyndi and Rich found a sale on straw hats!

5. Boris warms up.

6. For good luck, he toots on the flute, too!

7. Jimmy says the annual picnic is his favorite event!

8. Joey, Jimmy and Carmen are ready for barbecue!

9. The LTWCMB is Miss Molly’s favorite band!

10. Bob runs through a few chords.

11. A few tunes before barbecue is always a good idea!

12. Cyndi found the keg, without any trouble!

13. Tunes, food, cards, and horseballs are a winning combination!

14. Joey can still hit the high ones!

15. Dave plays his Flugelhorn for the picnic.

16. We had a great brass showing for the picnic, particularly on the low end.

17. Patti wants to do the vocal on “Lady of Spain.”

18. Harvey enjoys a cold one.

19. Randy anxiously waits for the coals to be ready.

20.The horseballs gallery was well populated for the tournament.

21. Miss Molly loves Bert’s Snapea Crisps.

22. Chris and Joey are are having a mellow afternoon.

23. Leonard toots for a beer.

24. Jim and Jo-Ellen show their colors.

25. The Snapea Crisps are all gone, but the beer is still holding out!

26. Patti and Claire are in the bullpen, waiting for their turn at horseballs.

27. Boris doesn’t know “Lady of Spain,” but that’s OK.

28. Vinny’s niece came along for the fun.

29. Carmen is ecstatic about Randy’s asparagus.

30. Mark has those valves all tuned up for some fine music-making.

31. Bob never knew he liked B-flat so much.

32. Carlene is a singer, but she loves our band anyway.

33. Patti, Diantha, and Miss Molly like to “rough it” in the wilderness once in a while.

Many thanks to Jo-Ellen for sending in this next group of photos!

34. Bert bent his flute, but it still sounds pretty good!

35. You don’t hear the trombone and bamboo flute paired up much anymore.

36. Now here’s a great sound!

37. Boris takes a solo on the silver horn.

38. Playing in the woods is reminiscent of our origins in Los Trancos Woods.

39. Chris does a fine job on the Sousaphone.

40. Leonard takes a break to smell the barbecue.

41. Dave and Jimmy play the favorites!

42. Dave takes his brass seriously.

43. Dick brought his bass horn today, so with Chris on Sousaphone, we had a great sound.

44. Carmen fell for that same old story!

45. Vinny sounded good, as always, and brought his wife and niece along to spend the day in the park.

Many thanks to Barry for sending in this next group of photos!

46. Dick takes a beer break, while Hal and Dave cover.

47. Barry and Joey enjoy a cold one, and Joey says, “cheese.”

48. We didn’t do any marching around the park, but our ensemble work was very good.

49. The musicians moved around quite a bit from tune-to-tune, so our sound was always changing.

50. Jim tried to get some sound out of the beer cup, but it didn’t work.

51. Hal and Chris on dueling tubas.

52. Vinny tries his hand on the B-flat salad bowl.

53. As the afternoon wears on, we hear some nice work from Carmen and Tommy.

And here's a final shot from Ptah!

54. And here, the brains of the outfit enjoy a cold one and comtemplate our good fortune
to be associated with the greatest marching band in the West!

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