The Annual Band Picnic
Huddart Park
July 29, 2008


Many thanks to Drummer Doug for sending in the photos!

The picnic this year happened to fall on Cindy’s birthday. A surprise visit from Zorro was a real treat!

Zorro showed his affection for Cindy in many ways!

The troops thoroughly enjoyed Zorro’s (and Cindy’s) performance!

Zorro was prepared to defend our Los Trancos damsels from the dangers of the wilderness!

The band was recently the beneficiary of an accordion, so we had a “squeeze off” contest to determine the worthy recipient.
Here, Jack competes for the prize.

Next up was Carmen, who definitely excelled in the gusto catergory!

Finally, Suzie Q gave it a shot. After the voting, Jack walked off with the prize!

There was a small altercation down by the creek between these two gentlemen, but they were best friends afterwards.

We had a good turnout of musicians, so we ran through most of our numbers to entertain ourselves and the other wildlife.

Ptah and Tim join in the session.

Slide Slusser is is sounding good!

Here is our new recruit, Dick Tuttle, with his Civil-War-era tenor horn, with rotary valves!

Chris was in fine form on tuba.

Peter (the judge) enjoyed the set.

Our star videographer, Margie, did a fine job of documenting the affair.
A full 60-minute DVD of the picnic is available in the lobby.

Here she is, catching the action!

We had a good sound, and the weather was perfect!

Harvey’s playing almost coaxed this zuchinni out of the tub!

Yvonne had a great time at the picnic!

We were a triple-winner at the Redwood City parade this year: (1) First Place in Community Bands,
(2) The American Heritage Award, and (3) Second Place on the Drum Major category!

We have a 60-minute DVD of the 2008 Picnic available for those who missed it, or for those who would like to remember the wonderful camaraderie of the event!

Here is clip from the video, “Happy Days,” for your listening pleasure!

If YOU have some picnic photos to share, let us know!

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