St. Patrick’s Day Parade
San Francisco

March 17, 2012


It is March, and time for our first parade of the year!

After several days of rain, and more predicted for St. Patrick’s Day, we were fortunately spared any rain at all. It was a wonderful day for a parade!

The following photos were contributed by Allan Wilson and Rick Haderle.

Allan-001. From our vantage point of the formation area on Second Street, we got to observe other units up close.

Allan-002. It is comforting to know that the younger generation is still willing to play “real” music!

Allan-003. And these folks are even younger!

Allan-004. Of course, it was a field day for Irish dancing girls!

Allan-005. The floats were very impressive!

Allan-006. Lots of colors were in evidence.

Allan-007. The Galileo High group was sharp.


Allan-009. Lots of union representation.

Allan-010. Elaborate floats were the norm.

Allan-011. Lots of Irish street names in The City.

Allan-012. Here is a Junior (high school) ROTC unit.


Allan-014. He’s in disguise, but we know who he is.

Allan-015. Carmen was in good spirits!

Allan-016. Ginny incorporated a rain-shield into her hat design. Fortunately, she didn’t need the rain-shield feature!

Allan-017. Hal, Barry, and Mark celebrate the start of the 2012 band season.

Allan-018. Breakfast at the beer cart!

Allan-019. Would you buy a trombone from this guy?

Allan-020. If not, how about this one?

Allan-021. Cindy, Kenny and Keltie are glad to be Irish!

Allan-022. It looks like the parade is starting to move.

Allan-023. Patti decides to add some green to her ensemble.

Allan-024. A quick warmup as we prepare to step off.

Allan-025. Smiley readies his bass drum mount.

Allan-026. Girl talk.

Allan-027. Drum Major Rich gives last-minute instructions.

Allan-028. Jan is ready to go!

Allan-029. So, here we are on Market Street, and Ronni shows off her new cymbals.

Allan-030. These groupies took one look at Harvey’s new green trombone, and were mesmerized.

Allan-031. And we’re off!

Allan-032. Looking good!

Allan-033. Hurry up and wait.

Allan-034. Jan is a hit with the crowd.

Allan-035. Florence, Marin, and her boyfriend anchor the snare section.

Allan-036. Ted offers a taste of breakfast.

Allan-037. Doug is looking good!

Allan-038. A view of the plaza across from City Hall, where various Irish activities were staged.

Rick-001. For Rick’s first photo, here we go up Market Street.

Rick-002. The second of three consecutive shots.

Rick-003. And the third.

Rick-004. Vinnie sounds good, and Harvey is happy!

Rick-005. The whole band is in good spirits!

Rick-006. Biermeister Barry takes it easy, as Ted pushes the cart.

Rick-007. An impressive presentation!

Rick-008. Patti twirls to the delight of the audience.

Rick-009. That trombone line is impressive!

Rick-010. What do you get when you combine mustard and green?

Rick-011. Jo-Ellen and Ginnie are our banner sweethearts today!

Rick-012. Brass was well represented today!


Rick-014. Cyndi and Smiley form the rear guard.

Rick-015. Dick helps out with the low brass.

Rick-016. Jo-Ellen is proud to be with the best band in the West!

Rick-017. Kathy likes Jack’s trombone.

Rick-018. Sounding good!

Rick-019. Cindy and Jack sound off on Tipperary.

Rick-020. The trumpet section is well represented, even though it was supposed to rain.

Rick-021. Mo trips along, as Lou hits the washboard.

Rick-022. Are we ready for the judge’s stand?

Rick-023. Here we come!

Rick-024. No, that’s not a bomb; it’s just steam from a manhole.

Rick-025. Jack and Vinny think we did well today!

Rick-026. Ronni clutches her cymbals and Carmen is in good spirits!

Rick-027. Rich and Cyndi savor the lack of rain today!

Rick-028. Rick and Smiley celebrate the Irish!

Rick-029. Ken and Barry are ready for lunch!

Rick-030. We relax at the end of the parade, before we head to Club 93 for lunch.

Rick-031. Forrest and Doug reflect on a great day in The City.
We are grateful to Forrest, a home brewer, who supplied refreshments to the band today!!

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