St. Patrick’s Day Parade
San Francisco

March 12, 2011


Our first big parade of the year is the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This year, we had the best weather in many years, and a big turnout for both spectators and band members!

The following photos were contributed by Steve Kapalko.

[SK-126] Florence takes the CalTrain into The City for the big parade.

[SK-136] David is one of the first ones to arrive at our formation spot on Second Street.

[SK-138] Boris and Chris can’t wait to hear the roar of the crowds!

[SK-139] Ellen and Suzie-Q bring their snares to the party.

[SK-141] Before long, we have a quorum.

[SK-143] Vinny warms up on few numbers.

[SK-144] Barry is happy, because he remembered his Allen wrench.

[SK-146] Everyone is in good spirits, because the St Patrick’s weather is better than it has been in years.


[SK-150] Jan is ready to go.

[SK-152] Anders is ready for the big time!


[SK-154] Suzie-Q tells Jim how great it is to be Irish.


[SK-162] We finally approach the start of the parade at Second and Market.

[SK-167] And away we go!


[SK-169] Patti is in good form!

[SK-171] Our banner lets the spectators know that something is about to happen!


[SK-173] Dave is our drum major today!


[SK-178] Smiley’s drum trolley is giving him some trouble as he navigates up Market Street.




[SK-187] Patti poses with a couple of future twirlers.


[SK-191] Chris waves to the roaring crowd!

[SK-201] Doug’s percussion section is in good form!








[SK-243] Carmen and Keltie like to swing and sway with their saxes.











[SK-285] Three Sousaphones make a great impression!










[SK-325] Cindy is practicing her signals.

[SK-326] Jimmhy is pleased with the band’s sound today!

[SK-327] Xaphoonist Ross alternates as a juggler.


[SK-350] Harvey must be saying something important here.



[SK-372] Carty wore his Irish shirt today!



[SK-398] Sax man Matt joined us along the parade route.


[SK-408] Do you think she could pass through the TSA?


[SK-431] So, we’re finally in the queue for the judging stand!

[SK-439] The dignitaries await our performance.

[SK-450] Here we come!








[SK-487] And now for some refreshment!

[SK-489] Doug and Jim congratulate each other.

[SK-494] Smiley made it through with his drum.

[SK-499] Erik is pleased with our performance today.

[SK-500] Jack is happy, too.

[SK-523] Marin and Laura love good music!

[SK-526] Anders tries his hand at the pocket trumpet.

[SK-538] Now it’s time to visit the Club 93 for some corned beef lunch!

[SK-547] Will play for food.

[SK-548] They look hungry, don’t they?








[SK-566] The party’s over, and time to hitch a ride home!

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