St. Patrick’s Day Parade - 2009
San Francisco, California
March 14, 2009


We had a rain-free parade in San Francisco this year, and everyone was in the Irish “spirit.”

Many thanks to Squeezer and David Silverman for the photos!

It’s going to be a great parade today, as Patti, Nancy, Jim, Marlene, Ptah, and Jo-Ellen smile for the camera!

Brian and Marlene are looking good!

Dick, Ken, Cindy, and Carmen are glad to be out for our first parade of 2009!

This is Nancy’s first parade with the band!

Jim, Patti, Harvey, Barry, and Margie stay close to the beer cart before the parade gets underway.

Brian takes his picture in front of a mirror.

Rocky does the jig because, well, it’s St. Paddy’s Day!

David (in the white hat) will be our drum major today, as we discuss strategy.

Joey and David are glad to be playing in the streets again!

It’s a great day to be Irish!

This is an awful lot of talent to be in the same place today!

Here’s another “mirror” shot!

Even Vinnie is Irish today!

David is tuned up and ready for action.

The beer cart is in position as the parade is about to start.

Sueshi and David contemplate world events.

Rocky and his drum get together.

Dave and Rich compare notes.

No one likes to march directly in front of Rocky!

Craig tunes up his violin.

Finally, we are ready to assume our positions for the big parade.

An impressive group!

Carpy will have to explain this one.

It’s time to tighten up our formation.

We are underway, and Carmen is sounding good!

Paul stands out in a sea of green!

Mo and Carmen manage their anxiety very well.

After the parade, we played several tunes on the sidewalk near City Hall.
Here, Sueshi, Suzy Q, and Carpy join in on the vocal of “The Fireman’s Band.”

Patti likes to whisper sweet nothings to her boyfriend.

David plays with City Hall in the background.

We tried real hard to please the judges this year! Here is a movie of our performance!

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