New Years Party - 2023
San Carlos

January 7, 2023


The New Years Party was held at the American Legion Post in San Carlos this year.  The sit-down dinner entrée was provided by Harry‘s Hofbrau and the appetizers, salad, and desserts were provided by our own LTWCMB party mistresses!  We had 46 in attendance, down from previous years due to rainy weather outside and covid worries, but it was warm inside and the food, music, and friendship of our band members was incomparable!

[1]  Harvey and Hal sing, “Yes! We Have No Bananas.”

[2]  Kiki is having a good time!

[3]  Chris sounds great on Sousaphone!

[4]  Bob and Buzz love the band!

[5]  These guys are serious!

[6]  Jan is looking sharp tonight!

[7] Drummer Doug is having a good time with all of those drink tickets!  

[8]  I’ll have another Manhattan, please.

[9]  Marion never went to a party she didn’t like!

[10]  These guys are playing without a tip jar tonight.

[11]  Randy has a nice sound on his bari sax.

[12]  Jim Smith will play for food.

[13]  Rich is not playing a double-bell trumpet, the second bell belongs to Vinny behind him.

[14]  Cindy, Smiley, Patter, Vinny, Rich, Penny, and Merele sound good from this corner of the room!

[15]  We didn’t have any jugglers tonight, but the musicians sounded good!

[16]  Dinner is on the way!

[17]  The serving tables are almost ready!

[18]  Just one more tune!

[19]  The year is off to a good start!

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