Woodside May Day Parade
May 7, 2005

Many thanks to Mark Wade for sending in these photos!

A fine day in May for a parade, and good spirits were plentiful.

Is everyone ready to boogie?

Cindy and Jimmy seem to have a little chemistry going!

It must be the horses.

Austin, Paul, Claire and Leonard are ready for the big event!

Ptah just tuned his flute, and is also ready to go!

Our dancers are hot!

Hey, we’re five months early -- so what?

Last-minute preparations are well underway.

“Let’s see -- I had a band around here somewhere ...”

“... and I think we are ready to roll!”

And here we go!  Watch out for the road apples!

We had a great crowd, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

The band was in great form!

At one point, we had the beer cart and two Segways in FRONT of the band!

But, we had a good sound and a good turnout!

The vocals were particularly good ...

... not to mention the animation!

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