Palo Alto May Day Parade - 1986


Many thanks to Carpy for sending in these rare photos of the LTWCMB in the Palo Alto May Day parade in 1986! He obtained the photos from longtime friend, Tom Armstrong. If you have any additional information on the event, let us know!

1. The band assembles before the big parade. You can feel the tension in the air as the big moment approaches.
Ptah tries to loosen up the group, and it seems to be working.

2. Arf assumes control, as Cindy (piccolo), Carpy (trumpet), Roger Holliday (baritone horn),
Ed Rush (clarinet), Paul (slide whistle), and Path (bamboo flute) join in.

3. John Kennedy (aka Boris) and Carpy toot away, while Mike Hoyt and John Mallott take care of the rhythm.

4. Henrik, Joey, Paul, and Ptah warm up in style!

5. Boris forsakes K.T. Cole, as he goes to look for his dog, Gus.

6. Arf thinks he has the troops well in hand, and is now ready for the big parade.

7. OK, guys! It’s time to step off!

8. Norm, Gus (the dog), Boris, and Cherry are in fine form for the parade!

9. Here we have Arf (in front) followed by Ptah, Carpy, Cindy, Henrik, Norm, Joey, Cherry,
Gus, Boris, Smiley, and John Hayden braving the elements to entertain the crowd.

If YOU have some interesting photos to share, let us know!

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