Los Altos Pet Parade

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Fellow Bandperson:                May 4, 2022

EVENT REPORT: The rehearsal at Cindy’s house was exceptionally excellent. A goodly crowd was on hand and everyone had a fine time. Our parade up and down Waverley was appreciated by the residents thereupon. Not much by the motorists, however. Cindy provided the following: “Be sure to say what a glorious Annual Rehearsal it was. I just sat back and loved seeing people sharing their gastronomic and their spiritual nourishment, and of course their harmonic expertise. Enough love and energy to buoy us onward for months and months.” We worked on “Amazing Grace” and “Saints” and managed to do a good job on each. Chartmaster Chris handed out charts of each of them to sharpen up our endeavors. Many giant huzzahs go out to Cindy and Ken for hosting us.

NEXT UP: The Los Altos Pet Parade will be held on May 14. This year it will be a real parade and we won’t have to stand around and play as a car goes by every five minutes or so. As usual, we will entertain the kiddies, doggies, catties, duckies, snakies, and other assorted fauna as well as the assembled multitudes observing our precise marching and playing. We will play “Doggie in the window” and our other hit tunes. Other than the time (1000 to 1100 hours) the details are not known at this time, but will be on our RSVP page in time for our participation. Ronni Haderle kindly volunteered to host us at her house in Los Altos Hills. The address is 10605 Berkshire Dr. Los Altos Hills and the phone is 650-269-7030. The simplest way to get there from downtown Los Altos is to turn left on Foothill Expressway, right on Magdalena, go under the freeway and immediately turn left on Eastbrook, go about a quarter mile and turn right on Loyola, and up the hill to Berkshire. Bring a munchie to share -- beer will be provided. Ronni says: “Parking can be a challenge, carpool if possible. You can park down Elise Circle or Berkshire, along the side, as long as other cars can pass by. Driveway should be used for physically challenged or people carrying heavy axes.”

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MARCHING IN HAWAII: We are going to Hawaii for the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade! Thanks to those who responded to our “Interest” survey. We had 31 responses with an interest level of 3-5 (50% or better) and 39 responses above 1 (no interest). We also have a good mix of talent represented. Harvey will negotiate details with the parade organizers and keep the 39 members with some interest in the loop. If you did not participate in the survey and are interested in receiving more information, let Harvey know asap.

T-SHIRTS: David sez: “David will not be at the parade, so T-Shirts are only available by mail. Still free, but postage and handling is about $7 per shirt. Very limited choices in sizes, both yellow and green (mostly Mens smalls, medium, and a few 3XL) plus a few very old white children size shirts that could be cut-up for badges or something - they do have some discolorations. Contact David at domitype@gmail.com for further info.”

HELP WANTED: Like any well-run organization, we are always looking for talented band members to join our Executive Committee and act as alternates or potential successors to “senior” members in key positions. Examples are: Drum Major, Director, Beer Cart Custodian, and Irregular Events Manager. If you are interested, inquire here: director@ltwcmb.com.

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Don “Smiley” Nelson - Correspondent