Los Altos Pet Parade - 2022
Los Altos

May 14, 2022


It was good to be back in Los Altos with the other animals for the Pet Parade this year! We’ve had three photo contributors: photos 1-9 were sent by Ron Murphy, 10-19 were taken by community photographer S. M. Lieu, and 20-30 came from our own slide-whistleist, Pili. Enjoy!

[1]  Cyndi and Captian John did a nice job of carrying the banner.

[2]  It was a bright, sunny day. Perfect for a parade!

[3]  Rich is our drum major today.

[4]  Kathie looks good on tambourine!

[5]  Our band qualified for the pet parade, because Matt brought his dog!

[6]  Cindy, Matt and Jan are looking good!


[8]  Even the rear view looks good!

[9]  There we go!

[10]  From our second observer, here is our entrance.

[11]  Truly a sight to behold!

[12]  Jan has a future in law enforcement!

[13]  No band is complete without a juggler.

[14]  As always, Chris, our sousaphonist, is a crowd-pleaser!

[15]  Hal shows his animalistic tendencies for the occasion!

[16]  Trixie show her many credentials!

[17]  A happy girl!

[18]  Rose decided to be a shark today!

[19]  That’s it, folks!

[20]  After one of our few parades without a beer cart, it was nice to relax with a cool one on Ronni’s deck!

[21]  Doug, Jo-Ellen and Kiki enjoy the shared hors d'oeuvres brought by their fellow band members.

[22]  Some of us had to keep in touch with the outside world, of course.

[23]  Trixie loves photogaphy.

[24]  Usually.

[25]  Buzz (formerly Boris) brought a few of his sculptures along to add some class to the event.

[26]  This one worked nicely on the railing.

[27]  Ross listens to Buzz explain the meaning of life.

[28]  I don’t think he made a sale, however.

[29]  Now Ross is trying to learn how to play sousaphone!

[30]  So, after hearing Ross, we decided to get some exercise by marching around the neighborhood. Check out the following video!

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