Los Altos Pet Parade - 2023


It was good to be back in Los Altos for the Kiwanis Pet Parade. Just like the pre-covid days! The parade follows a circular route -- it ends where it starts. So, after the first lap, we were asked to go around again.

We start with a video of the beginning of the parade for us, followed by several photos.


[1]  Here we are, on our first lap of the circular parade route! This first group of photos was provided by Ron Murphy.

[2]  Banner guards Kathie and Jeri are looking good!

[3]  Rich is our drum major today.

[4]  Nice sound from the percussion section.

[5]  Rose and Matt brought their dog along to give Jan the poop cop some business.

[6]  This guy looks good!

[7]  Chris on Sousaphone, John on washboard, and Nelle on piccolo.

[8]  Bill on snare drum, Chico on trumpet, and Cindy on piccolo.

[9]  Even the flowers were happy that “spring” has finally arrived.

[10]  Here we go on our second lap around the parade route!

[11]  Other than being a little thirsty, we are ready for the reviewing stand.

[12]  Here we go!

[13]  Cindy got some new sunglasses!

[14]  Our vocals sounded real good!

[15]  Bill keeps our cadence going.

[16]  Cindy encountered one of her tutees in the audience!

[17]  This next group of photos was contributed by S.M Lieu. Here we come!

[18]  These guys look familiar!

[19]  Pili is our first-chair slide whistlist.

[20]  Fortunately, the wind was calm today, so Elsa was happy.

[21]  Joel looks sharp with his shiny euphonium!

[22]  Buzz tells fortunes on the side.

[23]  Buffalo Bill looks sharp in his new outfit!

[24]  And finally, here’s a great shot of Heather with two batons. It appeared in the Los Altos Town Crier on May 24.

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