Historic 1967 Photos
from the Dutch Martinich collection


These historic photos were recently found by Dutch, and he graciously offered to let us use them on our LTWCMB Web site.

Harry, Smiley, Rhoades, and Joanie get ready for the big La Honda Days parade,
sponsored by the Volunteer Fire Department.

Hugh contemplates the stiff competition ahead.

This 1967 Rehearsal was held at an undisclosed location.
As Dutch observed, “They don’t make bands like this anymore.”
From left-to-right we have Ray, Dutch, Harvey, Hugh,
Smiley, Arjo, Richard, Harry, Pence, and Joanie.

Arjo plays to a amused crowd at the 1967 San Juan Bautista parade.

We had a real tight group in those days.

The “counter-march” was a staple of our routine from the early days.

George observes Smiley performing quality control on the beer supply.

Those rows and columns are pretty sharp, aren’t they?

Now there’s a REAL baby carriage!

If YOU have some historic shots like these,
let us know!

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