Italian Heritage Parade
(aka Columbus Day Parade)
October 9, 2005
San Francisco

Part 1

It was a beautiful day in The City for the annual Columbus Day Parade. We had a good turnout, including some new trumpet players to round out the brass section.

Many thanks to Pat Mazzera for contributing the following photos!

Tony is overcome with emotion as he reaches for that high note!

Paul is having a fine day with his keyboard.

Carmen and Craig are smiling for Italians everywhere!

Ellen appears to be calling for another beer!

Paul takes the vocals real seriously!

The Columbus Day Parade is held during “Fleet Week” each year, so Paul and Ellen
check out the Blue Angels without missing a beat.

Debi played first chair washboard for the occasion.

Carmen has a word with Captain Rich.

Joey gives Randy his full attention.

Paul De Carli is clearly in great form today, as he celebrates his heritage!

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