Columbus Day Parade
San Francisco

October 8, 2017


It was perfect marching weather for the Columbus Day Parade this year! We had a good turnout, and everyone had a good time. We won THIRD PLACE in the Independent Bands category!

Many thanks to Chris Heider for contributing the photos. Enjoy the pics!

[1]  Florence is happy to be in The City for today’s parade and to be with her band buddies!

[2]  Chico, Rich, and Jimmy have their trumpets ready for action.

[3]  Heather is teaching baton twirling to anyone who will listen.

[4]  David is looking good!

[5]  Judi explains to Jimmy why pizza is good for you!

[6]  They don’t call him Squeezer or nothing!

[7]  Patti drinks some breakfast, while Jim checks his emails.

[8]  Jo Ellen and Lori will be our banner carriers today!

[9]  Lori is proud to be carrying the banner today.

[10]  Squeezer is coping with the usual anxiety before any big parade.

[11]  Most of the band has shown up, almost ready for the big step-off.

[12]  Most importantly, the beer cart has arrived and is functioning properly.

[13]  Bob Brennan hopes Bee knows how to put it together.

[14]  If you know Hal and Dave very well, you know how rare it is for a serious discussion like this!

[15]  The beer cart remains the focal point, as we wait for the parade to begin.

[16]  Fortunately, the weather was perfect for the parade.

[17]  Vinny is in good spirits as he celebrates his Italian heritage!

[18]  Bill Todd only drinks beer before noon on special occasions.

[19]  Heather warms up for her special 2-baton routine!

[20]  Chris wears his froggie headgear.

[21]  The tension is building as step-off is imminent.

[22]  Pili and Ross always have a smile for the camera!

[23]  Toni and Heather have big smiles for us, too!

[24]  The parade is finally underway, as we head up Columbus Avenue toward North Beach. Penny is doing a nice job on her washboard!

[25]  The Columbus Day Parade always coincides with Fleet Week activities, so we are entertained by a continuous air show.

[26]  North Beach is near, so we are ready for the big finale.

[27]  The spectators are plentiful at this point.

[28]  We have a well-balanced band this year, so the sound is good!

[29]  Heather has three batons going at this point!

[30]  Many folks are dining at tables on the sidewalks, enjoying the musical entertainment.

[31]  Heather found a friend in the audience!

[32]  Ross had his juggling act in pretty good shape.

[33]  Keltie always looks good, and is appropriately dressed for the occasion!

[34]  A warm, calm day made the parade enjoyable for all!

[35]  Yes! We have no bananas!

[36]  Heather keeps her multi-baton act going strong.

[37]  After the parade, we finish with the Star-Spangled Banner at Greenwich and Powell.

[38]  Just in time for the Blue Angels to fly overhead!

[39]  Chico takes it easy after the parade.

[40]  Our usual routine is to go to Green Street after the parade. This paid trio was playing in front of Belle Cora Restaurant. David helped out on tuba.

[41]  Heather always likes Fleet Week, when there are lots of sailors around!

[42]  Pili and Patti enjoy some refreshment at Belle Cora, where they serve German food in the heart of North Beach!

[43]  They served those big, soft German pretzels!

[44]  Would you buy a used car from this guy?

[45]  It’s not clear whether a wardrobe malfunction required this safety pin, or what?

[46]  David doesn’t seem to be falling for the recruiting pitch, does he?

[47]  After some refreshment, we play a few tunes to entertain ourselves and enjoy the afternoon.

[48]  A nice conclusion to a beautiful day in The City!

[49]  See you next year!

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