The Parade of Champions
Santa Clara, California
October 1, 1972


This group of photos was uncovered in 2008, and provides a rare glimpse of the early days of the band. If you can identify any of the unidentified characters in the photos, let us know so we can give the proper credit!

1. Here we are, color guard complete with U.S. and California flags!

2. Our formation wasn’t real tight in those days, either.

3. Mary Kay Sherman in the red outfit added a little class to our group.

4. Here we have Norman Doyle on bone, Bob Pence on sax, ???? on trumpet, Al Watson on violin,
Al “The Kid” Hall on bone, ???? on baritone horn, ???? on trumpet, Dick Belch on trumpet, and Art Wagner on bass drum.

5. Dick Belch with the blooming artichoke on his hat, the inimitable Teddy Ballard on Sousaphone, and George Strom on snare.

6. A shepherd, a goat, and a beer cart. This band has class!

7. Art Wagner had a routine where he would march backward and play the drum with his arms crossed to compensate.

8. The goat would become very docile when the band played.

9. Mary Kay falls in at the rear, next to the goat and the beer cart.

10. Harvey on bone, ???? on flute, John “Boris” Kennedy on sax, and Steve Slusser and Norman Doyle on trombones.

11. Harvey, Slusser and Doyle in the trombone line, Dick Sherman in the nightshirt, and S. Barrett Williams on sax.

12. Kid Hall on trombone, in the red fez.

13. Smiley on bass drum, ???? on trumpet, ???? on snare, ???? in the clown suit, and ???? on washboard.

14. Neil Ingels on snare, Joel Butler on cymbals, Dick Belch on trumpet, Teddy Ballard on Sousaphone, and Art Wagner on bass drum.




18. ???? as drum major.

19. Harvey, Slusser and Hall are caught in a rare alignment.

20. And, finally, we have the makings of a countermarch toward the beer cart.

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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