Rare Photos from 1977


Thanks to Art Wagner for finding these old slides from 1977, scanning them, and sending them in for all to enjoy!

1. Well, we think this is Don Seehusen adding a bit of class to our group with his white gloves!

2. Hugh Smith, Tom Smith (no relation), George Strom, Patti and Jim Harvey.

3. Les Wayne and Mary Jean Wagner comprise the Glockenspiel section.

4. Steve Slusser gets ready to maneuver.

5. If anyone knows who these chaps are, let us know!

6. Boris (known as John M. Kennedy in those days) looks sharp in his aviator-style hat!

7. Patti and Harv are tuned up and ready to go!

8. Arf is in good form for the competition!

If YOU have some parade photos to share, let us know!

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