Independence Day Parade
July 4, 2005
Redwood City

Part 1 of 4

It was a perfect day to celebrate The Fourth,
as the weather was perfect and we had about
80 band members present.

Many thanks to Kathleen Card for
sending in the photos for Parts 1 through 3!

Jan and Lois review their dancing routines.

Max is clearly ready for action!

Stu wore his beer-cup-red outfit for the biggest parade of the year!

Ellen and John celebrate their long association with the band.

Smiling Mark is back, ready to add some class to the sax section!

This shot of Smiley is truly timeless!

Ace photographer Mark Wade is finally caught at his own game!

Florence was in fine fettle for the occasion!

Austin Marx sets his trombone aside to consult with members of the snare section.

Gail explains the fine points of juggling to Carpy and some serious onlookers!

David warms up for the big event!

Our new recruit, Leif Langensand, assumes the first chair bagpipes slot.

Austin checks his embouchure before the big event.

Paul is always ready to perform!

Steve is ready for dueling snares!

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